Friday, August 31, 2012

July and August 2012


I work pretty much non-stop for July and August.  Not just busy like most people say they are.  No, I mean I go away and live at hotels in the countryside and help run children's camps.  So I am basically sequestered for the blazing hot summer, away from Tokyo.  I wouldn't trade this job for anything!


Not good booze.


Oh, snap!  You can see Fuji from my roof if you stand on your tippy toes!


Kind of.



Monkey wants to kill.



Mienmien, zyiezyie, tsukutsuku-hoshi, kanakana.  These are the sounds of a cicada.  Ask a Japanese person to explain, it makes perfect sense to them.



Last train, Kobe style.


You should go here.  I forgot where it is.  Somewhere in Shikoku.


Really good om-rice.










All you can eat scallops for about $3.  For 30 minutes.  That's how we roll.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Motorcycle Stolen

Yeah, I've been silent on the blog for a bit. Downright ghost town status. I think I got in a blogging funk last year when my apartment in Japan was robbed. All that nonsense is here:

Anyways, it's time to use Japan Bash as another notice of the theft of yours truly's property. Rad!


I just got back from two weeks of children's summer camps out in West Japan. I have about five posts worth of interesting things to talk about, including more haikyo, crazy dance festivals in Shikoku, and ramen schools. But that will have to wait. The first thing I noticed upon arriving home wasn't the mailbox overflowing with bills, but that my new motorcycle was rather invisible.

I knocked on my landlord's door, and immediately contacted the cops. Asked around the apartment and the last confirmed sighting was August 9th at 10pm. I filed the report on August 14th at 8pm.

If you are in Japan, keep an eye out for this rather uncommon bike. The bright orange is hard to miss!

I made a post on my favorite Japanese English language motorcycle forum here, please take a minute to read it if you live in the greater Tokyo area:

Wish me luck!