Monday, December 29, 2014

December, 2014



Drinking in Sasebo, Kyushu.


Yup, this is a military town.


The best burger in Japan. Blue Sky. Cooked by a lone old lady who is famous for never having smiled in her life.


Keep it G Sasebo.


Middle of the night, walking by this temple in Hakata. Some old guy creeps up and tells us to watch. Drops 100 yen into an inconspicuous coin collector.


Boom. Kind of rad.


Free info for the tourist with an agenda.


What a beautiful deer! Yakushika, Yakushima's own brand of deer, have become smaller and smaller over the centuries. No predators to speak of, they are tame and generally don't give a fuck when you drive right up next to them.


I guess they aren't endangered, as a local pizza shop was serving stewed yakushika on their pizza. By the way, this pizza was mega tasty.


What does it mean!




Randomly got to witness the launch of the Hayabusa 2 spacecraft.


Speaking of pizza, Devilcraft in Hamamatsucho will have brunch service from now.


Bloody Marys made from straining pizza sauce. Legit.


Thank you for the Toy Run donations!




Eat soba in the countryside. This one came with 5 bowls of slimy things to mix into a 5-layered soba bowl.


I found a Hanger Museum. Near Asakusabashi Station. You are welcome.


Meanwhile, at my English school.


61% of people falling onto the tracks are drunk. Stay safe everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sushi - Summer 2014

京辰 - Kyotatsu at Narita Airport


If you have traveled out of Narita International Airport, you have probably seen this place.


Their unfortunate sign made me dismiss them when I first saw it many, many years ago. "Last place to enjoy Good Sushi and Good Sake Before you leave !!"

Your use of capital letters is atrocious! Word crimes.


Anyways, Kyotatsu turned out to be decent, though a bit overpriced. 7000 yen is almost Ginza prices.


I think I had the 2500 yen set, which was normal, but good. You can eat sushi for sub-3000 yen in Tokyo and get a much, much better deal.


The shop also does a brisk business selling takeout boxes. I watched as these poor sushi chefs made order after order of spicy tuna rolls for a line of cabin attendants and pilots.

I ate a lot more sushi in the summer (it is now winter). I'm currently planning on a 3rd website devoted to sushi, so bear with me. Sushi Adventures will hopefully launch sometime in 2015. I'll take a look at sushi from a realist point of view. Almost every sushi post on a food blog is written by people with tons of cash to spare, and the concept of spending $1000 for you and a friend to eat isn't a big deal. On the other side of the spectrum, posts about sushi are just casual, fun, facebook-post-feeling trips to that one shop in Tsukiji that the guidebooks tell you about (Sushi Dai is mega good though).


Friday, December 05, 2014