Sunday, December 02, 2012

November 2012

November 2012


Raw pig uterus and raw pig brain, along with other bits at an upscale spot in Shinjuku.  What do pig brains taste like?  Have you had 白子?  Kind of like that.  白子 are cod semen sacks, by the way.


This month's road trips included an overnighter in Shizuoka.  Not somewhere you would find in a guidebook's best-of list, but kind of a rad surprise.  They are famous for oden, and steamy rows of the shops can be found all over.  Complete with old ladies serving you the stuff.


We were walking and randomly found this, a tea-only gelato shop.  14 types of Japanese tea ice cream should be something we see more of.




Yeah, I got the bike.  Lake Saiko is the best spot for bike-with-Fuji photos, I gotta say.


The Hakone Skyline ain't bad either.




Forgot the name, but this Hokkaido restaurant on the 50th floor of one of the buildings in Shinjuku was so bad that I am now boycotting all restaurants on any 50th floor of any building, just to make sure I never go again.


Also had a road trip to Tottori.



Rock on.