Saturday, July 02, 2016

June, 2016

The Month were my Time Turned 10


Shinjuku Station is starting to look pretty amazing. With a branch of my favorite cost/performance sushi restaurant and a Blue Bottle Coffee, it's a shame I'm feeling like I need to move soon. Not far, maybe Shimokitazawa or Ebisu, but move nonetheless.


In preparations for the move that probably won't happen for a year, I threw out my 4-year collection of Weekly Playboy. Even though my work with them ended a while ago, I still get this magazine every week. I was beginning to look like a bit of a creep with an entire bookshelf full of underage bikini porn.


Did some riding and did some hiking.


Nagano has 3 of the 100 famous mountains of Japan, and I did them all before 3pm. Well, Utsukushi-ga-hara and Kirigamine you can pretty much drive to. Tateshina, on the other hand, is not a place I'd like to hike with others. It is essentially a steep runoff of boulders.


This kid was screaming at his family to hurry up the whole way. He's a bad ass.


The world's most radium-rich hot spring. Yes, please. Nothing like a little radioactive bath after a hike.


Not much in the way of adventures in Japan this month. The reason is that I was invited by the tourism board of Qinghai, China to travel and promote the remote corner of China. Keep an eye on for my posts. I've gotta get content up asap!