Saturday, November 29, 2014

November, 2014

November. Let's get this out of the way.


The new E7 Shinkansen. I jumped on to the Gran Class cabin (1st class) to snap a pic. Luxury to Nagano. Only an extra $60 for the 100 minute ride.



The cherry burger at Burger Mania in Hiroo. Mega-good.


Ore no Italiano. Kind of overrated. It is a gourmet spot with no seats. You stand and drink and eat. The prices are less than you would pay at a place with chairs, but you still end up dropping a lot for a quick bite.


This restaurant (a fish place in Nakano) made me cover up the tattoo. That's a first!

Also, in retrospect, fuck you fish place.



The Oriental Lounge at the Mandarin goes at the bottom of my list of hotel bars until I saw this:


$50 for essentially a sniff of high class whiskey. Nuts, yo!

Out of focus, but the bottom says that you get a free snack.



Miyazaki Fuck Street " Drive.


Great cafe in Nakano. Zingaro. Go there.


Jake having a nice time.


I told my High School girls some Christmas jokes. They voted on the hilarity of said jokes. The results were not promising. Also, no one knew who Elvis Presley was.


Friend's house has side by side toilets. His and hers style.



Booze. Buy a bottle if you have a chance.


What kind of meat?


Oh, that kind.


Sushi Sho is probably one of the most legit sushi places in Tokyo. Around $300 a head for dinner. But . . . if you go at lunch . . . it is less than $20 for this awesome bowl. I haven't been for dinner, so don't take my word.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tokyo Toy Run 2014 Charity Event!

Tokyo Toy Run 2014

Once a year, the gaikokujin motorcycle community of Tokyo (well, all of Japan is invited) puts together a charity event. It's time again for the Tokyo Toy Run!


There I am back in 2011 on the Honda CB1000. As you can see from the pictures, the concept is simple. We collect toys and money, dress in our finest Santa suits (420 yen from the Japan dollar store), and ride down to a local orphanage. What follows is truly an awesome day for the kids. Kids from infants to teens. A couple hundred motorcycles, a couple dozen pizzas, and toys for everyone.


Part of the fun is strapping all these toys to the bikes. I can't believe these survived the ride!


A safe, responsible ride is the only way to ride!


So what can you do to help? In the past, fans of my blogs have donated via PayPal, and I've used the money to buy toys in Tokyo. I'll do the same this time around. Please send a personal payment to Or click here:

If you are in Tokyo, you can give me a toy in person. I'll have an informal gathering at the Hobgoblin bar in Roppongi (site here) on Friday, December 5th from 8-10pm (probably until later). Come by for a beer and hand off the toy then. Please follow Ramen Adventures (shameless plug!) on Facebook for more info on that.


Previous years were a huge success:





Thanks, and remember, any amount helps.