Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

APRIL 2014

Shot live on location in Tokyo and beyond.


The state of toys in 2014. Yep, those are vomiting cats. Hakkunyan is an amalgamation of the Japanese sound for barfing and the sound of a cat. Yours for 200 yen. I saw a TV show that went to the Chinese factories that churn out these little toys. So somewhere, some dude is making thousands of these things, 12 hour shifts. Kind of crazy.


This shop has a 30 minute wait everyday for lunch . . . so fuck a new sign.



Yup, Japan.


Tamatsukuri Onsen, way out in Shimane Prefecture, is apparently one of the oldest in Japan.





This is literally a playground in Tokyo. You know some dude has been trying to shut it down to make room for a couple parking spots. Oh yeah, a place to park your car in Tokyo goes for about $300.


Fuckers cut my lock to impound the bicycle. Luckily, the truck they use to bring them to the lot was just driving away, so I just hopped on back and grabbed my shit. Solid!


Murakami art cafe in Nakano. Nice space in Nakano Broadway. Don't check the time stamp on this photo. #drunkatnoon



The cast of X21. I've been filming a show with these girls for a few months now. We hit up ramen shops and they have to make food commentary in English. Hilarity ensues.


The crew. Peep it May 9th and June 6th on Asashi TV at like 1:30am. You watching underage girls at 1:30am at night? Yup.