Monday, August 31, 2015

August, 2015



Generic face packs are like 10 yen each in Okubo (Korea town), but I couldn't resist these. KISS branded and amazing.


Take care you your body, your mind, and your soul.






I've been scouring the city for the best gourmet lunch deals. The desert at Tateru Yoshino was a Hokkaido melon soup with hints of basil and lemongrass. The rule for budget gourmet is that you get the cheapest course, and stay away from any sort of alcohol, no matter how much you want to get your drink on. Budget around 5000 yen, though if you ask for water they will probably charge you an extra 1000 yen for Evian.


New motorcycle helmet?


Very near Nagoya Station, the new (newish) Y Market Brewing is legit. Go up to the 2nd floor for beers and Nagoya-Tex-Mex-Italian fusion bar cuisine.



I was thinking of making a separate post about my new found hatred for Yodobashi Camera (the big electronics chain in Japan). I'll sum it up. I had a pocket Wifi thing that I bought there. When the 2 year contract was about to expire, I went in and asked to cancel it. They said come back anytime after the new year (yeah this was a while ago) and they could cancel it without a service charge. So I come back on February 2nd. They informed me that, oops, it automatically renewed for another 2 years and I would have to pay a couple hundred bucks extra. I told them what the dude said, and they told me to prove it, which I obviously couldn't do. So screw those guys.

I know this is probably my fault, and that it technically isn't Yodobashi, but the emobile sales counter or something.

But screw those guys. What am I gonna do, write a harshly worded letter? I cashed in my points for some trinket, and then went and bought a big, expensive camera lens from their competitor, Bic Camera.


Why don't you cry about it!


Naw, I'll just get some rad miso katsu!



More rad, budget gourmet at Giro Giro. Love this place, and I can't believe that you can get a reservation at short notice.