Monday, April 09, 2007

Parasite Museum

Yeah, Tokyo has a lot of museums. Seriously, there are at least 10 good modern focussed art museums. There are all sorts of science museums. There are also a lot of little ones like the button museum and the Yebisu beer museum. And this one... the parasite museum. Located in Meguro, it's 2 floors devoted to parasites of all shapes and sizes. Mostly human parasites too. With photos. Oh, god, the photos. Sweet jesus, I''ll never go to Africa.

This one lives in your liver I think.

Don't worry, there's enough for everyone.

A common one in Japan has something to do with babie eating poop.

Meguro has a great "river" to walk along. Not really a river so much as a stinky concrete canal, but it's there none the less.

Lots of cherry blossoms. They were all falling off in the gusts of wind. I learned the word for this, sakura fubuki. It means cherry blossom storm. I also learned that korosu means, I'll kill you. My knowledge of Japanese is growing, though maybe not in any way that will ever come into use...

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