Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunglasses in Tokyo

This is a sponsored post for, a legit online sunglasses site. Word.


My fake Ray Bans from Hong Kong have seen the last of their days. For real though, I rocked these for years, along with some fake Ed Hardy shirts and a fake Looey wallet. Good times. The LV wallet was the first to go; I think it took about a month before the stitching came loose and the leather, possible dog skin, fell apart. The Ed Hardy shirts were next. Hater gonna hate, but the styles that are definitively dasai in America are still legit out here in Japan. Glittery bedazzled skulls with a tattoo motif are still cool in Tokyo, even if The Jersey Shore made them weak years ago.

And the last to go were the fake Ray Bans. Replaced with some real ones. I scoured the shops in Shinjuku, but everything was kind of overpriced. Online is the way to go with stuff like this. Enter

Should I go with the straight up replacement for the Ray Bans?

Or should I go with the Marc Jacobs? I'm kind of obsessed with Riff Raff at the moment, and his rap about Marc Jacobs is swaying my opinion

You're welcome for that video.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sushi - Rainy Season 2013


There ya go, that's the sushi I ate this year during the rainy season. Some shitty tuna and salmon nigiri at a hotel buffet.

But being sequestered at luxury family hotels for the later part of July and earlier part of August ain't that bad. It just means I put my foodie life on hold. No sushi, no life? Whatever. I like being holed up in the Japanese countryside for summer camps. Wake up, run around with kids, eat a bento, run around with kids, eat at the hotel buffet, campfire with kids, then finish with a beer and dip in the onsen. Repeat this daily for a month.

A side rant about Sukiyabashi Jiro:

A few month ago I made a reservation for some people I was doing a food tour for at Sukiyabashi Jiro. It was relatively painless, just a lot of phone calls. I spent about 3 hours in all getting this reservations, so when someone else mailed me asking to make the reservation sans food tour, I figured $150 was a good price. Made the reservation after an hour or so of busy signals on the 1st (the day they start taking reservations for the next month). The next month, I had 4 groups who wanted such reservations. Sweet! If I can make $600 a month doing reservation services . . . holy shit! Easy money!

I employed a Japanese friend to help me call on the 1st. Three phones between us. 9am busy. 10am busy. Noon busy. We were literally non-stop dialing for 8 hours. Zero success.

The next day, I was a little busy, but still tried. Couldn't get through.

Eventually, a week or so later, found out that they completely booked out by the 2nd.

Crazy. My dreams of making mad cash making reservations have been crushed.