Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wierd things

This was in my mailbox. I have no clue. Well I guess its some kind of soap. But it wasn't actually mailed to me. This means there is some guy whose job it is to go door to door and put this flyer into everyone's mailbox.

A letter from Aaron Sensei in Nagano. Dude, you went to Keroro Sour Sour Land without me? You knew how much I wanted to go there!

Special spring beer. Tasted no different than most other Japanese beer. Gotta love the cherry blossom cans.

I went to the doctor today to get a refill of allergy medicine. It took about 5 minutes to explain that I didn't have bowel problems and just wanted a prescription refilled. In the waiting room I read my first Japanese manga in Japanese!!!! Well... I read about 3 pages in 45 minutes. And I didn't understand the meaning of any of the hiragana. But I got the katakana. So the pictures just showed 3 girls talking in one of their bedrooms. But from the scattered katakana, I got "capsule hotel", "period", and about 5 instances of "shocka". Then I had to go see the doctor. After that at the next waiting room I read the Japanese version of Cat Fancy magazine.

Did I mention I finished learning katakana! Now I can read Japanese... slowly. Katakana is reserved for foreign words. Those dirty dirty foreign words. I don't really understand the point of 2 alphabets. Apparently, katakana, with it's sharp angles and rough edges, used to be used by men, and hiragana, with its cursive-like lines and form was for women. Whatever, the point is I can now order ma-tan ka-re and sa-fu-ran ra-se for lunch now without having to rely on a menu with pictures.

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