Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Wedding in Niigata

I went to Niigata for a friend's wedding. Cherry blossoms, kimonos, and sake. It was very interesting.

私 の 友達 の 結婚 ありましたから、新潟 に 行きました。 桜、着物、お酒。 とても 面白かった でした。

The all white kimono is stunning.

It is muted beauty, traditional and pure, yet exotic.

My speech on the table, thank you everyone who helped me practice it in the days before the ceremony.

What's a Japanese wedding like? On the surface, the ceremony in the temple is a lot like a catholic ceremony. Not too romantic, a whole lot of standing up and sitting down, and me just watching what everyone else does and then copying. And shorter... much shorter. After that, a dinner reception and cake type thing. Speeches and some sake. Finally there is a second party with a lot more people at a local bar or restaurant, dancing and drinking. That party unfortunately ended at 8, so you need to make it on your own after.

Some other cultural oddities. You don't give presents. You give the bride and groom 30,000 yen, that's about $300, cash money. Want that new Ducati sports bike? Find a Japanese girl with 50 friends!

Omedeto gozaimasu!


kao said...

Beautiful pictures! You have seen sakura in Niigata. That's good.

Carole said...

Brian, beautiful pictures ...

Your California Cousin Carole :-)