Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nagi Ramen in Tachikawa

凪, nagi, means calm, as in the calm before the storm.

4 down, 2 to go at the NY Ramen Square in Tachikawa. Today was Nagi Ramen. Best of the bunch so far.
  • The most animated staff. Very loud.
  • The best pork. Stewed in something, it was robust and perfect.
A tonkotsu ramen from Kyushu. Please study the instructions for ordering and eating at Nagi Ramen.

Step 3 says something about アニマル パンチ - animaru panchi... animal punch. I've got no idea.

The weekends at Tachikawa NY Ramen Square always have some random event going on. Today was some sort of slot car racing festival. Little children looked on as model car otaku feverishly assembled their tiny tiny cars.

Nagi was indeed the calm before the storm.

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