Thursday, August 14, 2008

Grafitti in Yokohama

For some reason, there is about 3km of commissioned graffiti along the train tracks in downtown Yokohama. I just happened to be wandering around the area on a hot Friday afternoon and stumbled upon it. I stopped counting, but I think there were about 50 massive pieces.

A lot of styles, from interlocking letters to abstract art to some that looked like something from my Junior High School student's class banner. Of course, the commissioned stuff had almost all been "added" too by some obviously un-commissioned works.

There were a few places I wanted to head to to photograph the graffiti. One was along the Tokyo Bay waterfront, but when I finally retraced my steps to where it was, the government had painted over the work. The other is along the Chuo line on the way to Tachikawa where I work on the weekend. I'm usually not in the mood for some guerrilla style photography at 8am.

Its safe to say it's not an illegal piece if the artist puts his web page on the bottom.

Rock on Tokyo graffiti artists. Now start hitting up some more risky areas.

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