Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cow Parade in Tokyo

I was heading to Ginza to go drink expensive beer, buy expensive clothes, and hang out with expensive people. Yeah, that Ginza. But I wasn't on the right metro line, so I found myself a 15 minute walk away, in the Maranouchi area. What's all this then?

Apparently the Cow Parade is in town.

I saw a couple little girls with a map to all the cows, so I asked them where they got it? Giggling and hiding behind Daddy was the obvious next step. Daddy reached into his man-bag and handed me his copy. The hunt is on!

I've never really walked around this area before. It's the spot next to Tokyo station. Why bother with department stores near Ginza, when you can go to Ginza. Actually, why bother with department stores in the first place. Remember, my motorcycle jacket is an American large size, but a Japanese 3XXXL. Things just don't fit here.

Anyways, I saw maybe half of all the cows before I just got tired of the whole thing. Many were hidden inside buildings, creating a pseudo-consumerism experience. Hooray for Elmo and his capitalist ways!

Hooray for slutty deconstructed style cow too!

Anyways, it will be here until October 19th. Read all about it on their website. www.cowparade-tokyo.com.

P.S. - Mad props to Ramen Cow.

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