Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shooting Disco. It's a fight.

Shooto is on of those mixed martial arts combat sports. 2 men enter the ring, beat the shit out of each other for a couple 5 minute rounds, and then act like they are good friends when the match is over. There's blood and... disco music. For some unknown reason this event was called "Shooting Disco."

The ring is standard. No cages or octagons or obstacles like in battlebots.

I was there supporting Guy. He's on the left.

His opponent came out swinging.

But the only one who could connect was Guy.

In between rounds, the fighters slow dance to Frank Sinatra songs. Not sure which martial art that comes from. Maybe capoeira.

Pleasure or pain?

My money's on pain.

Most matches went the full 2 rounds. But a winner was always pretty clear.

Who you ask?

Guy was on point.

This guy was raw.

Dude in the pink bunny shorts had 2/3 of the audience on his side.

Later we went for cheap food and beer in Kabukicho. Oh Kabukicho, you win every time!

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