Friday, February 06, 2009

Happy Setsubun

Happy 節分


Did you eat your 恵方巻き (ehoumaki - lucky direction roll)? You see, on the 3rd of February, you buy overpriced sushi rolls from the convenience store, throw beans at devils, and generally look confused. Maybe it's just me who looks confused. Also, this means spring is now here.

Nope, still ass cold outside. Luckily each of my classrooms has a heating unit in the corner. A heating unit which feels like an industrial strength hair dryer if you stand in front of it. I can actually smell burning hair when I get too close.


Look, I actually did something besides eat ramen! Checked out Yushima Seido temple (near Ochanomizu station). Pretty standard temple stuff.


Then, inside, you are greeted by all the colors of the rainbow!


Designs for robots modeled after primitive life forms.




Almost all of them had these giant drill noses. So according to this designer and his team, expect frequent and painful... probing.. in the post apocalyptic future.





At least you can enjoy all the pretty colors as the rainbow-bots proceed to eviscerate you and your loved ones.


Good thing I ate my lucky direction roll and am now immune from all bad luck for the next year.

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SusieTron FiveThousand said...

They must come from the fictional future that the Spiral King Lordgenome rules.

Rich colors, very pretty.