Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Slow Times in Japan, My Umeshu

10 months ago, I poured white alcohol over unripened apricots and rock sugar. It looked like this:

Now, after sitting around and being admired:


The loss is not due to the "angel's share", but an occasional tasting session. Now I need to drink it before the next batch of unripened apricots are ready to pick. On the rocks is the way to go.

For a recipe and more info. check out Blue Lotus.


Jamie said...

Isn't UME a plum?

We made about 30 litres in total last year, various types (black sugar, honey) and it's been doing us good for a few months now~

Chris ( said...

Wow, I love umeshu, & I'm tempted to try this. Any advice on the relative amounts of plum/sugar/alcohol?

Ramen Adventures said...

Check out:

for a good breakdown.

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