Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The July Sake-Swap

Signed up for this sake-swap thing back in July. The idea is that you get paired with a random person and have to send them a bottle of sake. In turn they send you one. It's as simple as the name... a sake-swap. I want to "understand" sake a little more, so this might be educational. I only knew of one good sake by name that you can't buy at the local 7-11, so I sent that. In return, I got this great bottle of Odayaka Tokubetsu Junmai from Etsuko over at Tokyofoodcast. Solid. She describes it as a "feel good" sake.


And nothing says "feel good" like some half priced tuna sushi from the supermarket. My attempt at pairing sake with food.


Good sake, cheap sushi, and some anime on the computer. This could work. Note the coffee mug for sippin' the fine nihonshu. Classy.


No lengthy review of the sakes "nose", or what "notes" develop, or even the "taste". Like I said, I don't know anything about reviewing sake. Head over to Tokyofoodcast for a real review!

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Kurt Mifsud Bonnici said...

Wahey .. Cowboy Bebop .. that's a kick ass anime. It's soon going to be produced as a big budget Hollywood movie .. hopefully they won't fuck it up.