Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cheese Fantasy Quatro Course Pizza

Pizza time! What's new this month?


Let's start with the toppings. This ain't your average, everyday quad-style pizza. No sir, each quadrant is blessed with one of four "courses". They look to be inspired by French cuisine. It's a god damned Michelin Star on a crust.


First up (not pictured) is the pancetta and tomato appetizer course. Follow that with "Rlobster Americainee Souce". Following the appetizer and fish course, logically a meat course. Chicken with artichoke sauce (souce).


Finally, Whip & Berry. On the pizza. Right next to the lobster.


And don't overlook the fact that it's all on some sort of "fantasy" cheese crust.

By the way, it's about $50, but one would assume that includes delivery.

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