Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wedding Party at the HUB


Okay, so I'm not necessarily a stingy person. Frugal would be a better word. So when I received a wedding invitation from my friend, and noticed that it was being held at the HUB, I did a total "The Fuck?!" moment.


If you live in Tokyo, you know the HUB. It's the chain of foreigner friendly bars. You can trick people from the countryside into thinking its an authentic British pub. Well, they serve fish and chips along side the edamame and salmon / potato / mayo pizza, so maybe it's more of a fusion thing. Good Beer and Country Boys shares my view about these places. Anyways, the interesting thing here is that I went to an actual wedding 2nd party where they rented the place out.


I've seen the ads on the walls, for the 6000 yen a head wedding party here. Here we go!


I ordered a gin and tonic, calling a brand name of gin, to which I was refused. Apparently the good stuff is reserved for regular times. But then my friend and I noticed that Guinness was on tap. How many pints of Guinness can we drink?


And how many plates of fried chicken can we eat?


"Seriously? You're complaining about the cheap drinks and shitty food, instead of enjoying your friend's special day? You cheap bastard!"


Of course I am!

Until the prize giveaway. After a heated round of rock-scissors-paper with the groom, a winner is chosen.


Me, bitches!


I won a new fucking iPod! Rock and Roll. Someone else won a Russian calendar; another person won cold hard cash.


By the way, in Japan, only family and coworkers and really close friends go to the actual ceremony. This is followed by a 2nd party, where everyone is invited. It's almost always a rented out bar or restaurant affair, with fun and games. No one does the chicken dance.


Then they actually kick you out after 3 hours. And you ride your bicycle home in the rain.

With your new fucking iPod.

Oh, and congratulations guys. If you read this (highly unlikely) don't get the wrong idea.

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Thomas Hammerlund said...

If you ever leave Tokyo, you'll have nights when you wish there was a Hub around.