Thursday, May 27, 2010

Japan Bash!

It's Octoberfest in Hibiya Park!


Anyways, this space is now JapanBash, formerly GaijinBash. If you had the old site bookmarked, it should still take you here. If not, then you won't read this and it doesn't matter.

About 4 years ago I registered with some free host. 4 years later, and they tried to start charging me for it. I ain't down with the bait and switch, Microsoft. Also I didn't really like the name. So welcome to JapanBash.

Bash - Informal. a thoroughly enjoyable, lively party.


Bash - to hurl harsh verbal abuse at

I love this country very much, and would never bash Japan. Though I'll talk shit about things that warrant the shit to be talked. Like overpriced tourism spots and fucked up red tape that I have to cut through to do stuff.

So welcome to Thanks for reading!


lordkaosu said...

Nice, I like the new name. Keep the good posts coming! I love your motorcycle trips :p

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks Lord K. Looking forward to some new podcasts-