Friday, June 04, 2010

Epic Motorcycle Riding in Kyushu


The Yamanami Highway runs from Yufuin, just outside Beppu, down to volcanic Mt. Aso. You should buy a motorcycle and go here.


Sweeping curves, light traffic, and tons of nature. What's not to love?


My CouchSurfing host joined me on the back. A seasoned rider back in Vietnam, at least that's what she told me, she later said it was the first time she had ever gone faster than 100kmph.

Our first rest stop was the onsen / rich people resort of Yufuin. Yufuin was... the fuck is this?!?


A minute after white turd ice cream, came across this.


Holy shit Himari-chan, thanks for the nightmares!

Anyways, Yufuin is kind of saturated with tourist attractions, and I didn't want to stick around.


Speaking of tourist attractions, The Kokonoe "Yume" Otsurihashi Bridge 九重“夢”大つ橋 is the biggest something or other in Japan. It's only 5 bucks, so check it out if you have time. I had time.


Further south, Mt. Aso is known by Japanese people as being a spot that is famous for milk and other dairy goods. I later found out that it's famous for both riding, and eating, horses.


Sexy bike!


Imagine speeding over mountain passes, volcanic steam vents spitting into the air around you.


Eventually, you'll arrive at Mt. Aso. It's active!


The gasses are all kind of poisonous, and you might have problems if you are asthmatic.


Nice landscape. A lot of people asked me if I saw the green Aso. I guess the slopes have some vegetation for a shot time during the year. I dunno. No green today.


If the slashing light turns red... run!



My map recommended an utaseyu (うたせ湯) onsen. The tallest one in Japan. I finally figured out what it was when I went in. The falling stream of hot water gives you a massage. Nice!


If you're hungry, don't worry, maps to the rescue. Touring Mapple X Dream Burger (?).


I totally found this map to local shops that have hamburgers. Remember, this is fairly remote mountain country. There is no logical explanation.


Tasty though.


Not as tasty as ramen.


Anyways... here's my "wish you were here" shot.


By the way, this area is one of Japan's motorcycle mecca places. I had just missed a huge Harley event, which was too bad. Ask your local bike shop, if it's a major holiday, there might be something going on-

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illahee said...

aso milk is rather famous (around aso, i guess) so not too surprising about the hamburgers....

i love yufuin. we know the owners of the youth hostel there and visit often.