Friday, July 16, 2010

Exotic Animal Shop in Tokyo

Out in the middle of nowhere, near Nerima, check out this crazy exotic animal pet store. I took a couple photos, but the guy working there asked me to stop. He was pretty cool, covered in tattoos, and we talked for 20 minutes about the differences in exotic animal ownership laws in our home countries. In America, you need permits to own many endangered species. My family took care of a desert tortoise, and we needed some paperwork. We also had an 18ft long python, a few different kinds of lizards, and a plethora of exotic insects; all of which we didn't need papers for. In Japan, it seems like you can get anything, no questions asked




There were a TON of other animals. Snakes, lemurs, bush babies, insects, the list goes on. And it was all very, very expensive. 4 or 5 Gs for most big snakes. No teacup pigs though.

How rad would it be to have that monkey swinging around my place.

By the way, the name is Dizzy Point, and the website is here.


Kurt Mifsud Bonnici said...

Any idea why he was against you taking photos? Seems odd since none of the animals need any special permit. I've noticed from your blog that taking photos is frowned upon in many places you go (ramen places, museums, etc.) there a common reason maybe?

Ramen Adventures said...

Most pet stores have strict no photos rules. The bets reason I can think of is that everyone in this country LOVES to take photos. So if people could, they'd stand around the store, taking photos, with no interest in buying.

Or maybe some of the animals were illegal. Could be that too...

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