Sunday, December 19, 2010

Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel


I used to read like every Japan related blog out there. Most sites link all sorts of videos and what not, to which I saw this one a few years back of an overpriced SUV driving underneath Tokyo.

Of course, there's no underground cavern like this in existence in Tokyo. But Saitama ain't Tokyo! Let's go!


The concept is pretty simple.


In the case of impending floods, pump the water from the low lying basin into the mighty Edo River. Use big machinery.


It's a concept that I just explained in less than 5 seconds. But the "information" part of the tour lasts about an hour. It would have been pretty lame if it wasn't for this awesome sign!


If you didn't think it was awesome, look again.


It's mostly old people who come to check this sort of thing out, so they actually warned us that we would have to walk down over 100 steps.


The payoff is a giant room.


You can walk around and take pictures.


Check out some cool water stains.


It's only a couple hours out of central Tokyo, and it's free. So there you go. I guess if you are into 工場燃え then this is great. You welcome? Normal people, I guess you could ride a bicycle there along the Edo River, that would be a nice way to spend a summer day.


If you really want to go, you can sign up on their webpage.


Jon Allen said...

excellent photos.
I love tunnels and underground places.
Must try and get there sometime,

AdelaideBen said...

Looks cool... but an hour long lecture at the front end might be a bit of a downer. I like that they call it the "Underground Temple" on their website. Sounds very exotic.

And by the way... Happy (belated) New Year!

Ramen Adventures said...

Happy New Year!

Funny how I try and dissuade people wasting a full day going to this place, but the pictures contradict me. Enjoy!