Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nikko's Absurd Public Works Projects

We all know that Japan has an out of control public works bureaucracy going on, right? If you don't, leave this page and don't read up on it, that shit is depressing!

So up in the beautiful 雲竜渓谷, Unryu Valley, there was a problem with potential landslides. Don't mind that there is nothing in the basin of the valley, that's besides the point. Landslides are one of nature's ways of sticking it to to the man. And in Japan, the man is gonna fight back.


With a dam. But not like the millions of dams you are used to around here, you know, the kinds for stopping water. This is a dam that is meant to stop the flow of... rocks.

The usual fix for landslides is to just cement over the mountain. Nice to see a different approach this time.

But wait...


They also cemented up the mountain.


Ok, so they built a rockslide dam and covered the mountain with cement, how can we spend those last remaining yen in the budget?


Build an observation spot / info point so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful view.


Maybe it's just continuing tradition though.


The weirs of Nikko are a cultural asset, apparently.



Most people just go to Nikko for the nice shrines.

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David said...

Why go visit the temples when one can go visit the rock dams!!!