Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mountain Hut Living


Tent or no tent? Very few mountains in Japan are without a mountain hut. Basically a hotel you hike to. If you like travelling light, it is possible to do a week-long hike carrying nothing but clothes and snacks. The huts serve 2 square meals and have bathroom facilities. Nice!


Or is it? I have only stayed at a few before, and can say that they vary immensely. Some are bunk beds. Some are bunk beds where one mattress is shared by 2 people. Some are bunk beds where they leave out the mattress, and cram 3 into the same spot. Some will have you feeling that you have been Shanghaied and are on a slave galley to god knows where. The one universal truth is the snoring. Get ready for a symphony of old men to keep you up all night. Obviously I am not trying to sell you on mountain huts in Japan.


The food is a mixed bag of bits and pieces. Tasty, bento-style meals. I prefer more simple, hearty camp food, but this will do.


Korean snacks. Thanks Dr. You! (nothing to do with the mountain huts)


Prices have gone up since the last guide book. By the time you read this, expect to pay over $100 for 2 meals and a spot to sleep.


Another example of the food. Seriously, curry and rice would suffice.


If you go as a group, you can reserve a private room in many cases. This would be the only time I would be pro-huts. Being pressed up like cigarettes, on a rock hard "mattress", did not work in the least. Also, everyone officially wakes at 3am. I un-officially woke at 10pm, 11pm, 12am, 1am, 2am, and a few times in between. Seriously, the snoring.


Conversation had by the snoring old dudes at 2am:

Atsui desu ne.
So desu ne. Atsui desu.
Ima chotto atsui.
So ka, atsui desu yo.
Anata mo atsui desu ka?
So desu. Atsui desu ne.
Atsui da yo.

Enjoy your stay.


fujiclimb2010 said...

Stayed in a Hut recently on a mountain in Japan. Not something I care to experience again. I'll take the tent next time!

NeonRaine said...

So I take it that they found it hot? :P. I think I'll stick with tents!

Ἀντισθένης said...

I wonder, do we sound that inane to people learning English, because the more Japanese I learn the less profound the locals seem. Sigh.

The snoring is mad. Between the altitude-sinusitis, general sleep deprivation of the Japanese, and their binge drinking on brief respite from work, it's all snoring. Actually, even my 100lb. J-wife snores sober! I suggest a light camping kit to save you the snoring, the $100 and the regimentation of dinner, bed and wake times. Not a bad idea to camp illegally too, as twats who get up well before sunrise have the temerity to do it noisily, and the idiocy to do it in seasons too humid for a decent view.

Charles said...
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Anonymous said...

We’ll definitely visit Japan after we renovate our makati apartment for rent . I just can’t wait to experience to stay on a mountain in Japan.

Tim Arellano said...

What I love about Japan is their mattresses! They sleep on the floor (well, most of them, like Koreans) then use tons of comforters as kids bedding and blankets.

Alicia Reeves said...

I do agree with you, Tim, that’s one trait I love about Japan’s culture. In fact most of our rooms were Japan’s inspired bedroom concept!

Forrest Hawke said...

I guess for once, if I manage to get a chance to climb over there in Japan (provided i could get there in the first place), I might try to rent a hut for the first try. I'd like to know what it feels like to sleep on a bed at high altitude, with a bunch of loud snorers (like myself) in the background.