Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Neat art thing in Akihabara: 2k540

I was killing time, cycling around along the Yamanote line's east side. In between famed Akihabara station and relatively unknown Okachimachi station, I found this rad artisan thing. Check it out!


Japanese craftsmen of any kind can set up a pop-up shop here. Rad design, the place is all black asphalt with white shops. Modern!


The shops are random. From hipster design toys:



To traditional Japanese pottery:




Some dude selling hats:


There are a few cafes with snobby coffee and a chill vibe:


And this place selling hand painted furoshiki from Kyoto:


I found one I liked, and went up to the counter to buy it. The ladies running the place were in the back, chatting, and when they noticed a customer, quickly quieted up. These two older gals had totally been crying about something! Awkward! What do you do? I didn't mean to interrupt what was probably some serious shit.

Well, I regaled them with some anecdotes, and I think the fact that I am a foreigner who collects Daruma themed furoshiki kind of gave them a laugh. Yeah... I collect Daruma and Daruma themed things.


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Robbie in Tokyo said...

Cool. I just read about this place in PEN magazine. Looks very interesting.