Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year Snow


A bit of rain at 6:45pm. Not really an issue, as my motorcycle can get me to my lessons in about 20 minutes. Waterproof riding gear is a given in this country. But as I edged out, the CB1000's headlight went off. The 20 year old wiring is on the outs. I debate what to do, choose to cancel my lessons (the train would take about an hour), and put on a Chinese rom-com to celebrate the New Year.


Turns out the bike is psychic. I would have been caught in this mess, though the nutters on facebook all rode around in it.


With a dry weight of something like 250kg, I'm not interested in a spontaneous drifting lesson. Maybe I should upgrade to something a little lighter . . .




These shots are all around my apartment in Shinjuku. After about 30 minutes the novelty wore off.


On a random note, I was thinking how carefreely I cancelled a couple evening classes. I don't do this often, but I never feel strange when something comes up (usually a bike issue, as I never get sick). But, being freelance, I essentially just tossed away a hundred bucks. More with the current exchange rate. Casual, like in all the hip hop videos that are hot right now.

But if I frivolously spend a hundred bucks on something, I feel really bad about it. There is a little sushi shop near my place, and for 5000 yen you get one of the best meals in town. But that shit is for special occasions.

Reverse the logic, and sitting in my underwear listening to podcasts counts as a special occasion. Correct?


Chris said...

Feelin' good....not as easy..but easier when you know making money is easy.

That sounds dumb as fuck but you know what I'm saying...right?
My happiest days were not related to money at all.

Enjoy the podcasts and throw some 1000yen bills at the monitor like it's a stripper on a pole for the full "Gangsta effect" :)

Ramen Adventures said...

I know what you're saying. I have a piggy bank full of 100 and 500 yen coins that I think could float me for a minute if there were ever a big problem. Piece of mind!

Limo said...

I'm the same. But somehow potential money isn't as important as cash. Strange aren't we.