Sunday, February 12, 2012



I debated long and hard whether to throw down the hard-earned cash on this beast. Then I twisted the throttle. The next stop was the bank.


The initial debate stemmed from my style of riding. I do a lot of touring, and the Honda CB1000 is a suitable match for that. The 250kg (dry) weight makes for a smooth highway experience. Harley riders will attest; a tank of a machine soaks up the minor imperfections of your average road. A 150kg KTM supermoto, on the other hand . . . this is gonna hurt.


But fuck it, this is pure adrenaline. A highly-tuned, wheelie-poppin' bike that may get me into more trouble with the law. Bright orange isn't the most subtle of color schemes.


Most of my motorcycle riding friends are pro this bike, though they say it is best as an addition to your stable. A Yamaha FJR for touring, something for the track, and a supermoto for causing trouble around town. Pending a couple promotions on that one . . .


Stay safe!

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