Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ramen School in Japan


It's no secret I love writing about ramen.  Ramen Adventures has had an amazing reception over the last 4 years.  One of the more frequent mails I receive are from hungry travelers who want to do more than just eat; they want to learn. There are lots of one-day food classes around. Sushi has one.

And now ramen has one.


This is the unassuming school / shop.


This is real ramen, and the ingredients are legit.  Pig head anyone?


This school is normally a multi-week long school for Japanese dudes who want to not only make ramen, but make a career of it.  I met with the teacher and we thought that setting up a one-day course aimed at foreigners would be a fun idea.



Soup, toppings, and . . .


Noodles!  This bowl is 100% from scratch.






After slaving away all day, we serve the extra to random college students who are walking by!


If you or anyone you know would be interested in this one-day class, please check out the page I made over at Ramen Adventures!  The day includes an interpreter.  And you get an official certificate after.  Bonus!


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