Friday, January 11, 2013

Drinking Parties are a Cultural Thing in Japan

Japan is big on cultural-social events that revolve around drinking. No complaints here! The 忘年会 and 新年会 thing is entertaining to say the least. Get wasted before the end of the year, and then do it again to celebrate the new year. Technically, bonenkai means to forget the year, so I guess you can't be blamed for wanting another massive drinking party a week after the last, what with all the forgetting.

If you have random jobs and friends, you will have random parties.

A typical one looks like this:


An atypical one looks like this:


Super-rad and super-lame at the same time!


My boy who organizes this Santcon had it in Kanda of all places. Who hangs out in Kanda? Besides a few hundred Santas? A bunch of old dudes who look like they just lost money at the track. Seriously, the east side is depressing at night.


I wore my red G-Star sweatsuit and a ski mask, which most people thought was whack, but a few people were down with.

Some ramen bonenkai went here.


It was some of the worst food I have ever had in Japan. At least the drinks were watered down so I didn't get too drunk.



I hit up my boy's glass-blowing studio for their year end party. Hunh?


Glass blower fun and games?


You bet. Apparently you can make popcorn.


Blow a giant bowl of molten glass.


And dump in the kernels!


Later, he said he's tried it a few times to no avail.

The videos on Youtube make it look easy.


Japan Riders Shinnenkai.jpg

No drinking, but we always have a meetup of the fine folks from the English biker groups.


Nice weather.


Homeboy crashed his KTM, but he is always talking shit about how I don't do wheelies, and he laughed off the crash, so I guess I don't feel so bad. See it live here:

That isn't me, it was another guy, by the way.

Soranoiro Shinnenkai.jpg

Insane ramen party. See you next year.

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