Thursday, February 07, 2013

Himeji Castle - Error 404



Whoah, a castle-sized tarp! Around a castle!


Yeah, this is the mega-famous Himeji Castle. Probably the most famous castle in all of Japan. While most castles in Japan are reconstructed shells of their former magnificence, Himeji survived both the Meiji-era mass destruction of castles and the frequent American bombing raids during World War 2.

But it hasn't survived, well, dirt. So here it is being repaired and painstakingly cleaned until around 2015.


But you can go inside (for an extra fee of 200 yen!) and take an elevator to the top. Sweet!


And you can learn all about the re-plastering process. Sweet!

If you can't find the castle, just go past the Lamp and Laser store. Sweet!


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