Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's the Story?

Something like 10 years ago, ages before I even had an inkling of an idea that Japan would be a rad place to live and work, some friends and I had a kind of lame running gag about Japanese Engrish. My buddy Z was taking an art class or something, and when it was time for the students to title their works, a Japanese girl in the class chose the name "Peach Story". We found this hilarious, and started adding "story" to the end of things to make them sound dramatic. Yes, it was lame.

Little did I know this is kind of a regular thing here.

Here are a bunch of story things I found.

Can't travel without buying presents. A fitting end to any magical vacation is buying obligatory gifts.

A freaking magazine at the dentist's office. Story. He has biker mags as well, so I didn't check this one out.

Some kind of chocolate.

One of the few times it might not seem weird.

One of the best ramen shops in Tokyo has a 20-something panel comic illustrating how to eat. The character seriously goes on a roller coaster of emotions as she adds different things to the mazemen.

You should follow this story.

Happily ever after.

Booze is a theme.

As is chocolate.

Actually, 物語 is often translated as story, but you would be better off using tale. Story is easier to pronounce using the Japanese alphabet, though. The above is for a pachinko machine, fyi.

Don't worry, I won't be posting too many Engrish things on my site.


Mister Donuts, I'm out!

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