Friday, May 31, 2013

May 2013

May 2013

This sums up Kabukicho. A flock of black-suited salarymen. A hip dude picking up a hot young lady. And a random selling handmade wind chimes.

Why am I not there right now!


Slow month, at least for things worthy of photographing.



So in May, there was a sudden boom of interests in foreigners and ramen. Four TV shoots. Each one was about 10 hours of filming. Each one was on air for about 5 minutes. The more I deal with Japanese TV, the more I realize that they should really work with a story-boarder. The 6 hours of filming we did at that one shop that you didn't use? With a crew of 8 people?

From what I've heard, this is a Japanese thing. Foreign TV crews have been shocked with the massive amount of overwork put in for stuff that feels haphazardly thrown together by an amateur youtuber.

Ain't complaining though, I didn't have anything to do those days anyways, except eat ramen.


Eat ramen and drink delicious sake.




Eat ramen and check out the roller derby scene.

Eat ramen and take photos of my friends peeing.

Eat ramen and drink tea.


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