Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sushi - Rainy Season 2013


There ya go, that's the sushi I ate this year during the rainy season. Some shitty tuna and salmon nigiri at a hotel buffet.

But being sequestered at luxury family hotels for the later part of July and earlier part of August ain't that bad. It just means I put my foodie life on hold. No sushi, no life? Whatever. I like being holed up in the Japanese countryside for summer camps. Wake up, run around with kids, eat a bento, run around with kids, eat at the hotel buffet, campfire with kids, then finish with a beer and dip in the onsen. Repeat this daily for a month.

A side rant about Sukiyabashi Jiro:

A few month ago I made a reservation for some people I was doing a food tour for at Sukiyabashi Jiro. It was relatively painless, just a lot of phone calls. I spent about 3 hours in all getting this reservations, so when someone else mailed me asking to make the reservation sans food tour, I figured $150 was a good price. Made the reservation after an hour or so of busy signals on the 1st (the day they start taking reservations for the next month). The next month, I had 4 groups who wanted such reservations. Sweet! If I can make $600 a month doing reservation services . . . holy shit! Easy money!

I employed a Japanese friend to help me call on the 1st. Three phones between us. 9am busy. 10am busy. Noon busy. We were literally non-stop dialing for 8 hours. Zero success.

The next day, I was a little busy, but still tried. Couldn't get through.

Eventually, a week or so later, found out that they completely booked out by the 2nd.

Crazy. My dreams of making mad cash making reservations have been crushed.

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