Friday, September 06, 2013

August 2013



The first week was spent at camp. The 2nd week being lazy in my apartment because it was hot. The 3rd and 4th in the hospital.


September is looking to be a lot of downtime as well. Such is life.



Still haven't cracked this one. It is from one of the coastal towns that was wiped out by the tsunami 2 years ago. Support these towns by drinking their product.



Traction. Yeah, they drilled a whole clean through my heel, then anchored 7kg of weights to it to keep the fracture from healing. The second they hit me with the nerve blocker to the spine was the happiest I've been in years.

Traction, people.


All better!

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thegypsie said...

When I did my EMT training well over a decade ago, we did a practical section on traction. It's not comfortable even without a broken leg bone. And out in the field that happy juice they give you is not really a thing. So it can be an extremely painful procedure to put someone in a traction splint. Least here we have some pain meds, sorry to hear about that dreadful ambulance ride. Thanks for sharing your pics.