Monday, January 06, 2014

俺のスイーツ (Sweets for Bad-Ass Dudes!)

俺のスイーツ - Ore no Sweets

俺のプリン - Pudding for dudes who give no fucks about calories.

俺のチョコクッキーシュー - A decadent chocolate cookie crunch shell filled with two kinds of chocolate cream. Bitches get nada, this one's for my boys.

俺のビターチョコスコーン - Bitter chocolate scone. For men who chase their morning coffee with bourbon. Matches well with bacon.

俺のWチーズケーキ - After a long day of making ends, spitting game, and hustling, sometimes a real player just want to kick it with some crazy good cheesecake.

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