Wednesday, April 01, 2015

March, 2015

Spring has sprung.


And, as usual, the overnight blooming of the cherry blossoms was marred by another flash storm, bringing rain to everyone's weekend hanami party plans.


Luckily, I keep my weekdays free for the flowers.



You may never want to check out of the officially sanctioned Hello Kitty room. Wake up to that staring at you.


I just spent way too much on a new lens that I probably won't use. But it is necessary on my path to becoming a famous ice cream photographer.


Speaking of famous food, Narisawa, a hard-to-reserve spot that has been named the best restaurant in Asia is doing a pop-up soup truck in Roppongi. That soup was legit! And unlike the three to four hundred you'll drop at the restaurant, the soup was cheap.


Speaking of famous food. I want some ramen made by these three!


Sold out!



Go Niners? Craft Beer Market in Koenji (and a bunch of other spots) is only mildly overpriced.


Oh, some big news. I have a book coming out in Japan. It is a guide to 50 awesome ramen shops. Kind of a random adventure, getting published. I'll write more soon. For now, head over to the Ramen Adventures blog and give it a look!

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