Tuesday, March 01, 2016

February, 2016



Meanwhile, somewhere in France. Yep, that's my book on the shelf of a soon-to-be-opened ramen shop in Paris. Amazing.

And speaking of my book . . .


I guess now is as good as anytime to announce that I was given an offer to write another one. While the last one was about Tokyo ramen shops, this next one will be more about ramen and travels around Japan. As you can see from above, I've been having trouble getting words onto paper.

Speaking of books about ramen . . .


My friend Amy Kimoto-Kahn published her first book! Even if you don't cook, check this one out for the amazing photos and stories. Buy it here!

Speaking of friends . . .


I took my friend and his daughter to Kawaii Monster Cafe. I kinda wanted to go, and this presented the perfect opportunity. While she had cake, we drank cocktails.

Speaking of sake . . .


Did you try it?


They actually contain 0.8% alcohol, and have a slight aroma of Japanese sake.

Speaking of real sake . . .


Craft Sake Week was fun.


Speaking of booze . . .


Speaking of Star Wars . . .


Speaking of stars . . .


Still shooting ramen videos for the show Tokyo Extra. We are on air every Sunday night on TBS in Japan, along with a YouTube livestream. Or you can just check out the individual ramen videos online. If you are into YouTube, I'd appreciate all the likes, comments, and subscribes that you can spare.

Speaking of  . . . extra . . .


How about some extra old steaks?

Speaking of extra old . . .


Had a nice haikyo hunt with the usual suspects. For about $20 in gas and food, we spent a day visiting real-life history that has been all but forgotten. Add to that some awesome roads and great ramen, and you have what life is all about.


I always wondered what I would do if I found some money at one of these modern ruins. Well, we hit pay dirt!


Speaking of dirt . .


Anything for that perfect shot!

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