Friday, January 05, 2007

Kawagoe is the Cuts... Part 3

I went for a ride around Kawagoe this morning and found a ton of new signs warning against the dangers of life in my neck of the woods. No woods in sight though, but on the map, my area is described as a "housing estate". I don't kow what that means, but this "housing estate" is a bunch of old run down apartment buildings. There are some rusty playground structures and piles of debris here and there. "Housing Estate" might mean The Projects.

Stop!!!!! It looks like the guy is wearing the purse and she is cutting it out of her arm. What a bitch!

I forget the name, but turtles with wierd crown heads are some kind of Japanese mythological animal. And the will kill you if you go in the water.

I like the imagery in this one.

Sorry bunnies, apparently there are bears in Kawagoe. They will eat you. I haven't seen any rabbits around, so it must be true!

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Anonymous said...

The weird turtle crown head things are Kappa. They are known for their curious habit of pulling your intestines out through your bum. They also like cucumbers.