Tuesday, January 30, 2007


What an honor to stand on the podium that the world's best athletes stood on not too many year ago. It's now a discount parking lot. What an honor to stand among some of the finest minivans and kei-cars in the country of Japan. It was kinda rusty too. What an honor to stand amongst some of the finest atoms of oxygen reacting with iron that Nagano could muster up.

That's totally me snowboarding on the left side. It was my first time and luckily I had Mags and Aaron to give me a few tips. I got the hang of the basics, but yeah, I spent most of the day falling on my ass. By the end I was so beat that I kept losing control of my balane and did like 15 faceplants in a row.

The snow was really nice.

B, B, A, and M. I ain't got time to write full names anymore.

Good times. 9 years ago I told myself that I'd never go skiing again, cause I just never seemed to have that good a time. But now I wanna go again. I think maybe I'll give skiing a go before the season is up.

After a day of snow on Sunday, we chilaxed in Nagano the next day. A couple of the gals got some new ink. The tattoo artist was named Maru, he was pretty damn good at his art. I showed him mine and he knew who my artist was. I got some new ones myself. I'm really happy how it came out. Check it here.

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