Sunday, July 22, 2007


I've been to Nagano a few times already. During the winter Nagano is the shit, cause there is a free shuttle to go ski. Keith was kind enough to let me crash for a few days. Of course, the day after I got there, it gets sunny for 2 days... then rains when I set out on my bike again. Shogunai!

Nagano was just general relaxing. Hung out with Maru, our local tattoo artist friend out there. Saw the new Harry Potter movie. Taught Keith how to ride a motorcycle. Ate frog legs. Normal stuff. Here's some photos:

Maru's dog Mon. Mon is looking a little gangsta here.

Some masks on the wall in Maru's shop.

Keith's first time on the bike. He picked it up really quickly, and was shifting into higher gears and all that good shit. In the background of this shot is a van with some dude passed out in it. This guy was passed out in his van for the next 6 or 7 hours. He eventually moved his foot a little, so I knew he wasn't dead. Good for him.

We were at the supermarket, and some random old Japanese lady came up to us and started talking something about tomatoes. We deciphered that she was trying to sell us tomatoes outside from her car. We asked how much and she said no. So she was trying to give us some tomatoes. Thanks random old Japanese lady! She totally hooked us up with a big bag of fresh vegetables from her garden.

Frog leg at a local restaurant. The spot was cool. The walls were covered with 1940's Japanese pop culture stuff, the staff was fun, and there were some slutty 20 year old girls in the booth next to us. Nagano... you kick ass!

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