Monday, December 08, 2008

JLPT Test 2008


The JLPT is an annual language proficiency test for the Japanese language. It is in 4 levels, with level 1 being the highest knowledge of the language. So level 4 would be best described as gettin' by. Last weekend I tested my knowledge of gettin' by in Japanese.

Immediately on entering the classroom, I notice the smell. Damn, white people are hella stinky! Seriously, you have some nasty BO.

Smell aside, the test was pretty easy. First was a vocabulary and kanji skills section. Out of 40 questions I wasn't totally sure on 3. And these were minor pronunciation issues, which only really matter on a test I think. Next was the listening section. I had no practice for this before, but it was pretty simple too.

Random side note. There was a little girl, maybe 6 years old taking the test. One of the listening questions was like this:

Guy: Hey, you want something to drink?
Girl: You know it.
Guy: I got coffee, tea, or juice.
Girl: Tea please!
Guy: You want me to put some liquor in that tea? Cmon, lemme make that oolong into an oolong-hi.
Girl: What the fuck? You're crazy, I don't want no booze in my tea!

So some little 6 year old girl had to answer a question relating to putting alcohol into tea.

Last was a grammar section, which was the toughest section. Grammar is learned naturally, and when we speak, we use grammar that sounds right. Of course, there are rules behind the usage. For this test I had to memorize all sorts of rules. I also had to do other things in my life, like watch True Blood, which took priority. But it doesn't matter, because passing is 60%. So, yeah, a grade of F is passing. Word.

Is there even a point to taking anything below level 2? Level 2 is the qualification to be hired by an international company. But, honestly, with something like language, I don't think a company would give a shit if you have a piece of paper or not. They'd probably just... I don't know... try talking with you in the language. But, hey, I don't tell you how to do your thing.

Does anyone have any funny stories from the test? Like in mine, these two dudes showed up after the first section of the test was finished. Then they still sat for the rest of the 3 hours. Also, I heard at the level 3 test, some girl's phone went off with 2 minutes left in the test, and she was disqualified. POW!

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