Saturday, December 06, 2008


Ja-ge = Japanese Game

Maybe you read my previous post about Japanese Game. The one where I accidentally told a group of 12 year old boys that fucking is called Japanese Game. Well, my slip up spread like wildfire and was cleverly shortened to just ジャーゲー (pronounced Jah Gay). So now every student in the 1st grade of Junior High mentions Ja-Ge when they see me in the hall. That's about 120 students.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. So far the other teachers seem oblivious to it, and actually it doesn't distract from any of their learning. If anything, it makes them listen.

Listen for any chance to answer a question of mine with a ja-ge answer.

What do you like?
I like ja-ge!

What will you do after school?
I will ja-ge!

When is you birthday?
It''s... it's... JA-GE!!!!!!


kimmysan said...

LMAO...That's frockin' hilarious...I'm gonna start using that one!!

Kurt Mifsud Bonnici said...

JA-GE no sugoi!