Tuesday, June 02, 2009



Nothing much to write about, I just went down to Akihabara to get some camera memory.


Every time I go to Akiba, I'm like, "I wish I understood this place!"


Not the regular otaku stuff, grown men playing with toys or video games or comic books. I can understand that. I used to collect toys (realistic collectible models), I used to play a TON of video games, I never got into comics but probably would have if circumstances were different.

Actually, the 1st time I went to a comic book store when I was 11 the owner yelled at me. All Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons style. Seriously, I was 11 and couldn't find a comic that I wanted, I had written out a damn list for my first time down to the comic store, that's how nerdy I was, and he yelled at me because issue #1 of Spiderman's Adventures or some shit was behind Silver Surfer and I couldn't figure out what he was talking about. I never bought a comic after that. He probably saved me a lot of money in the long run though.


But the fucked up scenes in the smaller alleyways. I could swear those guys are some low level yakuza lookouts. What are they doing. I want to know details. I want to understand.


Then I went home and watched TV.

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bill said...

lol those guys were eyeing my blone/blue-eyed girlfriend something fierce when we were in Akiba