Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Street Food on Enoshima


Enoshima is a small island about an hour out of Tokyo. Island is a little misleading, since it's connected to the mainland by about 600 meters of bridge. But, nonetheless, it's an island.

This island is known for love. Oh baby, let's see some lover's messages!


Girl's name: Mae-something
Guy's name: N/A


Girl's name: Mutsumi
Guy's name: N/A

Side note, if you keep seeing the word "Cock" and are confused, let me explain. Much of the island was purchased by a Mr. Cocking in 1880. Hence the Cocking Garden, Cocking Greenhouse, and various Cocking related merchandise.

If you want to eat strange and exotic food in Japan, the seaside is the place to do it. We westerners like our fish to look as far from a fish as possible. But not here! Just take out the guts and eat!*

Actually, the taking out the guts part is optional. I found that out the hard way.



Storefronts boast about their plethora of toppings. The wait to eat here was about 2 hours. While you're waiting, wander around and sample some things.


しらす are little tiny sardines. Bake em, mash em, put em in a stew. These ones were stewed in sweet rice wine and soy sauce. Tastes like candy! Looks like cute baby fish!


Mmmmm, gooey, slimy 岩のり. It's seaweed. Some of it comes with the baby fish in it. It's like each bottle is a little microcosm of life, plants and animals living harmoniously.


Here they are served raw with a little ginger.


Pickled squid. If you don't like the sound of pickled squid, don't *snicker* worry *snicker*. This stuff is really *snicker* delicious and in no *snicker* way like eating stinky raw fermented squid.


My lunch. Salmon, salmon eggs, and shirasu.

Still hungry? Try an octopus cracker.


Made fresh.


Right before your eyes.


Oh, the horror!


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