Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hokkaido!... Oma to Hakkodate

An hour from Osorezan is Oma, famous for its tuna. I missed the 7:10 ferry and had to wait until the 2:30 one. Great... time to explore exciting Oma.


This is one of the MANY places in Japan that is crazy boring, but it's slightly famous for some random thing. In this case, its famous for tuna and being the northernmost point of Honshu. So every 30 minutes at the northernmost tourist stop, a couple busses show up, and the tuna pushers come out in droves. Then, 10 minutes later, everyone leaves and the tuna ladies get a break.


The tuna is pretty damn good though.


Not to mention the fresh uni.


The shop owner realized I was actually in need of breakfast, so she went and got me a bowl of rice for free. Solid!


Arrived in Hakkodate at around 5:00pm. Turns out it had been pouring rain for the last 3 months straight. If I had started my bike trip on time I would have been caught in that and spent 2 days just sitting around. That's some universal synchronicity going on there. Word!

I met my friend, and almost immediately was out. Turns out I hadn't slept for 48 hours!

Next time: Around the southern tip of the island, free onsens, and possible nude pictures of me available on the internet.


illahee said...

that tuna looks really tasty, and i don't even like fish! how lovely that you got free rice for breakfast, and lucky that you missed the rain.

am enjoying your hokkaido adventures. i wish to visit someday....

Ramen Adventures said...

Yeah, it was great tuna. Now I notice Oma tuna on the menu at fancy Japanese restaurants all the time.