Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tokyo Halloween 2009 - The Kawasaki Halloween Parade

3 years ago, in Tokyo, I dressed as Batman and had a good ol' time.

2 years ago, in Hiroshima, I had an interesting night, once again in Batman garb. I was ditched by the only people I knew at the time. On my own I hooked up with a Filipino girl who then sent me Jesus Loves You text messages for the next month. I got the fuck out of Hiroshima a month later.

1 year ago, back in Tokyo, I took it easy, dressed as Doraemon, and hung out at my guesthouse and a local bar. I seriously have no good stories from that weekend, except that I met the Japanese version of Mad TV's Delivery Boy.

This year, it was to be this:


Marimokori. I talked about Marimokori's hometown in my Hokkaido report, but let me refresh the memory. "Marimo" is a ball of algae. "Mokori" is an erect penis. So it's both a play on words and a giant green man with a hard cock. I love Japanese word play, thats why I wore it!

But seriously, I'm not a pervert scum in any way when it comes to public appearances. Marimokori is a beloved character in Japan. One little girl, about 8, ran up to me and showed me her Marimokori phone accessory collection. A woman of 40 asked me to take a picture with her family. Even the elderly took part in the fun. On no less than 2 occasions, old men started screaming "Mokori Mokori!!" while pointing at my giant green member. Don't believe me?


Out in other parts of town, people were avoiding eye contact with me, just going on with their day. This is the reason you see grown men walking around wearing school girl outfits on a daily basis in Tokyo... no one acknowledges it. So you freak out one day and dress like a french maid to get some attention. No one gives it. You try harder the next day, maybe dying your hair pink. No one cares. Then you realize that a fluffy skirt is kind of comfortable, and pink matches your eyes, and it becomes your new life.


This year was spent at the Kawasaki Halloween Parade in the day, and clubbing at Ageha at night. No photos from the club, but plenty from the parade. Enjoy.



Mario family. Rad.




Gloomy, another popular-in-Japan character. Gloomy is a cute pink bear with Wolverine style claws who always accidentally cuts up and kills people.




Not the pink Power Ranger, I was informed.


めいど - Maid.


Chucky! Who remembers that Ghetto Boyz track? And yes, this year Halloween did fall on a weekend.







On this day I took my 10-20mm lens to shoot with. I love it! But you literally have to get 2 inches from people's face to take these shots. So Halloween is the only time when I can use it as a portrait lens.




Hayao Miayazaki. It's like dressing up as Walt Disney, except you don't need to be an anti-semite or label your animators as Communists.


Happy Halloween!



natecore said...

dood, these are totally awesome. i had no idea kawasaki was so insane on halloween, but in retrospect i should have guessed. a friend suggested i dress up as tezuka for halloween. oh well, maybe next year.

Sara Mari said...

Oh looks like lots of fun, and many great costumes. Thanks for sharing your photos~!

Zack S. said...

What is the Japanese's obsession with the number two? They throw that up in every shot. Are they members of some national gang, and that is their gang sign? Crazy folks, you Japanese.

Ramen Adventures said...

Nate: There's always next year
Saramari: Thanks
Zack: Check it!