Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tokyo Waterworks Historical Museum

Wow! You went to a water museum! Tell me more!

Actually, I was searching for a rumored torture museum at nearby Meiji University, but couldn't find it. I gave up, and began the 15 minute bicycle ride back to my place. But a sign beckoned to another museum.


The Tokyo Waterworks Historical Museum. Well, its free at least, so I checked it. Now you can check it.


There is an interactive audio player in English, with a few hours of recordings. Just dial in the number and be amazed. I learned that this was an old form of plumbing. Can you believe they once used wood to carry water from rivers to homes!


Tell me more!


Ok, now learn how to understand sarcasm and stop telling me about wooden plumbing from hundreds of years ago.


There were things like this robot puppet show talking about how the Tamagawa river was built. Those birds... puppets that made a 2 second appearance in the whole show.


And let the helpful, super cute water droplet character inform and educate.


Actually, it's pretty damn amazing that they can supply Tokyo, a city of over 30 million, with water. Thanks Water Museum! And as drop-chan says, see you again soon! (maybe not)


Deepspacebeans said...

Interesting indeed. I have yet to visit the waterworks museum, however, I learned to the irrigation system used in Edo from the Edo-Tokyo museum in which they have a small diorama showing how the many necessary utilities were managed in a city of 1 million four hundred years ago.

Deepspacebeans said...

Oh, also... If you were looking for the Meiji University Criminal Museum... that is actually in the university itself. It is in the academic commons building right next to Liberty Tower (I was a Meidai student, afterall). Academic commons is the kind of neat looking building with the large open area outside.

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks, I'll check it next time I have some free time.