Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everything About Everything; The Japanese Magazine Section


Just go to a big book store. Skip the foreign magazine section, you've seen all that crap already. Go to the Japanese magazines. That shit is like one whole floor at some places.


Here's one devoted to... seaweed.


Is there a stronger word than devoted? Yeah, this page is giving you the lowdown on nori seaweed processing machinery.


Everything one could ever want to know about the deep culture of eggplants in this fine country.


Or cabbage. It should be noted that each of these is it's own volume.

This is like 0.001% of the magazine section, by the way. There are mags with the history of train schedules, mags that chronicle the school girl uniforms of the country, and mags about mags.


And a pocket size "meat encyclopedia". So when you go and eat meat, you can know every detail about said piece of meat. Yes, there were separate entries for pig asshole and cow asshole. Just trust me.

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phoe said...

i didn't know that you saw a lot in the expo!

i wanted to go to the Mexican booth so much...but i was in hurry on the last sad!

nice photos :)